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Fresh Architectural Visualisations Animations Virtual Reality

Visualization & Innovation.


High resolution, photorealistic 3D computer images for digital delivery or printing.



Animations and constructive 3D videos mean you can go on a virtual tour of the architectural projects


Virtual Reality.

Immersive and interactive user experiences with VR headsets. Contact us for a live demostration.

We offer much more than just images. Find out about the services we provide.

Factoría 5 is a creative studio of Architectural Visualization.

Lighting, textures, colours and composition are the materials we use to convey our architectural projects in images, videos and immersive virtual reality. The end result should palpably explain not just the project’s geometry and materials, but also stories about how the space can be lived in, and it should convey a vivid impression so viewers fees as though they were actually there.

Architectural Virtual Reality

Let others know about your project in an innovative interactive way