Our services aim to convey spatial experiences and sensations before the architecture is built.

We specialize in creating high quality digital files (images, videos and applications). The material we produce is mainly used in architecture, interior design, product design and advertising.

The hallmark of our style of depictions is a high degree of photorealism which is combined with artistic and filmic aspects  Our inspiration comes from many places, from photography, contemporary architecture, cutting-edge design and classical art.



High resolution, photorealistic 3D computer images for digital delivery or printing.

Images: We use these to build a virtual replica, which looks like a photograph, of the project.

Image Integration: We use a real photograph and add your project to it.

Large Format Images: High resolution images for use as posters, etc.

360º Panoramas:  These images, which provide a complete 360º view of the space, let the user decide where he or she wants to look.



Animations and Constructive step-by-step 3D moving images: We are taken on a tour around the virtual environments of architectural projects.

Flying camera videos: Fluid camera movements can be used to successfully explain your project.

Video Integration: We add a real life video using images filmed at street level and aerial shots recorded by drones.

Video Animation: The objects in a scene come to life in a step-by-step animation of the constructive process.

Instructional Videos: Every aspect of the project is explained using diagrams in motion.


Virtual Reality

Interactive and immersive experiences using VR headsets.

Immersive Spaces: Experience the sensation of finding yourself inside your project and being able to see it in every detail as though it were already built.

Walk-through Scenes: Thanks to ultrarealistic 3D settings, you can walk inside a virtual rendering of your project without having to leave the room.

Interactive spaces: Once you are “inside” your project, you can interact with the space in several ways, from changing the material of a partition wall, altering the chosen luminaire or even the lighting in a room.



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Factoría 5’s Workflow

Keep reading to find out more about the way we work. For best results, we think the client should be engaged at every stage of the process.

  • Stage 1- Modelling and points of view

    Depending on the information we have been sent, we either create a 3D model or adapt a pre-existing one. Then we propose several different views and together with the client we decide which ones would be best to fully develop.

  • Stage 2 - Lighting and materials

    In the second stage we tackle lighting and the materials included in the scene according to the details we have been sent. Using a second rendered test we fine tune the last details with regard to lighting and textures with the client.

  • Stage 3 - Postproduction and scene setting

    In this stage we carry out the final postproduction process and scene setting. Subsequently, in the last stage, the client has an opportunity to make some last minute adjustments.

Find out about a new way to convey your ideas and bring them vividly to life.