Zela Restaurant in Ibiza · Studio Gronda


Zela Restaurant


Studio Gronda


Ibiza, Spain


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ZELA is a type of nocturnal butterfly from Southeast Asia. Rare and beautiful ,it has come to represent the region’s unique spirit. For the interior design, Studio Gronda have drawn on lndochinese visual references, creating a magical subtropical garden in both the interior and exterior spaces. Mirrored screens and frames are juxtaposed in the exterior garden, and the dining room features a colonial-style trompe d’oeil mural.

Dark green and flora are part of a visual language that unites cultures, and nature predominates in the form of abundant plants and flowers in the delicate vertical garden, and repeated in various decorative elements such as feathers made of handmade, glossy ceramic that cover the front of the sushi bar and the main bar.